Mise à jour pour la Beta War Room 2

War Room v2

Pas mal de bug fixes :


War Room Beta - 2016.01.12 Build 5


Main Beta Forum Thread (Android users download here) - Link

Important Note

This build will break all your existing armies. We've had to add additional data to support developed features so the old save format is invalid. Your armies will either dissapear or will simply lose data. We would recommend you simply uninstall, then reinstall the new version.


Fixed Bugs

Please test these fixes, especially if you were a bug reporter. If they're good feel free to not say anything. If they're still broken, or broken in a new way please tell us though.

  • A major revision to the instancing system was implemented to address ghost headers and card entries appearing in any list past the first one.
  • Collection validation now forces painted to adjust max owned if it's made bigger. And owned to adjust max painted if it's made smaller.
  • Card filtering has switch from toggles to radio buttons. And choices for including mercenary or minion options have been added.
  • Remaining UI's have been revised to adjust their size to match UI size preference. NOTE - Except for Faction, Contract and Pact selection. Mainly because we can't resize the Faction UI without making it not work with coming phone UI screens. Will revisit if it's a point of contention.
  • Menu's have been updated to adjust their size to match UI size preference.
  • Build id has been moved to the bug reporting view.
  • Search for Spray weapons with rng:sp has been added.
  • Haley3's alts have been added to her theme.
  • Valid attachments now filter based on Contract/Pact choice where appropriate.
  • Solo attachments sort to top of list over Jacks/Beasts when adding attachments again.
  • Companions of attached cards now sort properly. This was to fix Stormwalls Storm Pods.
  • Blindwater Congregation button text was overflowing bounds.


Coming Soon (this week)

  • Army edit options - Duplicate Army, Delete Army, Copy Army Text.
  • Updated help screens.
  • Additional friendly card selection for Highborn Covenant armies.


Known Issues

  • iPad orientation crashes are still not solved. Note - If you're an iPad user and you're seeing the crash on startup problem some devices are having a quick workaround is to make sure your device is oriented with the home button on the right (this is known as Landscape Left) when starting. This is being worked on as we type.


Bug Tracking Spreadsheet - Link

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